Metallic in the Dusk Cushion Cover

Metallic in the Dusk Cushion Cover


We always fall in love with Robert Kaufman designer Peggy Tooles fabric as they include some of the most beautiful and captivating designs on fabric, you can get lost in the detail. With its subtle touches of Metallic Gold, etched on the edge of Dusky Rose and muted Teal Shapes.

This beautiful fabric we thought deserved a lavish crowning and so we used a deep Teal Velvet Piping to compliment the Dusky Tones featured in the cushion and breathe some warmth back into the colour palette.

With the resurgence of 'Luxe Revival' for the past few years taking inspirations from the 1920's - 1930's with textures, art deco, geometric shapes, jewel and dusky tones. Also 'Refined Glamour' offering more of a sophisticated look, a sleek style with a mature uncomplicated approach this season LHH has put together and created collections that draw from the two trends to accent your home decor with dreamy colour palettes and statement pieces.

- 20" x 20"
- Piping detail
- Lumina Dawn Fabric
- Metallic Gold Detailing
- Teal Velvet
- Dusky Rose/Teal with Cream back drop
- Lined Cushion with Cotton
- Overlooked inside seams to prevent
- Cream Upholstery Zip

Colour: Dusty Pink