Chić in Teal Cushion Cover

Chić in Teal Cushion Cover


Give your living space a chić look with this Teal Flanged Cushion. This particular piece, we wanted to create a more structured and refined look to be able to suit more decor styles. Velvet always provides us with a feel of Luxe and plushness so this cushion is perfect to compliment your prints and patterns used.

- 19" x 19"

- Plush plain Velvet Upholstery fabric

- Mallard Teal

- 1/2" Flanged border detail

- Black Upholstery Zip at base of cushion

- Overlocked edges to prevent fraying


With the resurgence of 'Luxe Revival' for the past few years taking inspirations from the 1920's - 1930's with textures, art deco, geometric shapes, jewel and dusky tones.


Also 'Refined Glamour' offering more of a sophisticated look, a sleek style with a mature uncomplicated approach this season LHH has put together and created collections that draw from the two trends to accent your home decor with dreamy colour palettes and statement pieces.


Please note this fabric does not have fire retardant backing.



Colour: Teal