'Channel your inner Luxe' Cushion Cover

'Channel your inner Luxe' Cushion Cover


Using Slate Grey Velvet and wanting to add texture to this piece we decided on channel stitch detailing , which was inspired by the luxurious grand headboards towering at the head of many beds you see within the interior world. We wanted to bring that concept into the living room, with a linear style, no fuss and clean lines.


This smooth Velvet fabric has a subtle glisten to it when under a certain lighting and is from the designer Warwick Mystic with flame retardant backing.


With the resurgence of 'Luxe Revival' for the past few years taking inspirations from the 1920's - 1930's with textures, art deco, geometric shapes, jewel and dusky tones.


Also 'Refined Glamour' offering more of a sophisticated look, a sleek style with a mature uncomplicated approach this season LHH has put together and created collections that draw from the two trends, to accent your home decor with dreamy colour palettes and statement pieces.


- 17" x 14"

- Slate Grey

- Velvet Fabric

- Channel Stitch detail

- 2" apart - Concealed zip in Elephant Grey

- Flame retardant backed Fabric

- Overlocked edges to prevent fraying

- Rear side of cover is plain velvet no detailing

Colour: Slate Grey