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Our Story: The Road to Luxe Homes by Headley

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Reality hit 2 years ago when the company I was working for went into liquidation and I was made redundant. It was a trying time but it was imperative I took time to reflect and think carefully about my next career move.

Being a single mother to two children, i was always passionate about teaching them the importance of becoming successful in their own right, through sheer hard work, determination and how rewarding it could be.

I always aspired to launch my own business and build it from the ground up but the question was what would it specialise in?

There were so many ideas that ran through my mind but it was difficult to whittle them down to just one concept until....

I got hooked on the All Star Edition of Project Runway.

I know, random right??

While binge- watching multiple seasons of the series, my love of sewing was born.

Coming from a Recruitment background, helping people was my passion and i wanted this to be at the forefront of what my business stood for. I started studying books on sewing, textiles and exploring the wonderful world of Youtube.

The first tangible sewing kit I owned was a serger/ over locker, thanks to my Mum, and it was

time to start getting practical. Whilst I took pre-owned clothes and #upcycled them with my new machine, i spent endless nights watching countless #diy #howto #sew-along tutorial videos.

As the months being unemployed began to add up, I had to make a definitive choice on what my business would center on. Through all the research, speaking to relatives and more brainstorming a decision was made.

The following months was very gruelling, getting the business plan together, predicting forecasts etc. all while perfecting my craft.

I knew designing handmade home accessories was going to help me help others transform their home decor.

Despite all the hard work and long hours I love seeing people react to the prints, patterns and fabric that I use in my work and to see how they envision the soft furnishings in their home. Even better to see the end result, set in various interiors from traditional to contemporary complimenting their decor.

I love what I do and would not change it for the world. There is so much more to be done and I hope that you'll join me, along for the journey.

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