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Cult Furniture - Hexagonal Concrete Storage Jar
Hexagonal Concrete Storage Jar

I absolutely loved turning bland hexagonal wooden boxes (and other shapes...) into these unique two tone 'trinket' boxes.

There are various Marble and Copper Boxes avaiable in all different shapes and sizes including the one featured above from 'Cult Furniture'.

I wanted something to match my Chest of Drawers that I have made over (I'll be sharing how i did this also). Still keeping with the same Marble and Copper theme from 'The Work Lamp' which is featured in the next installment of this blog series, I wanted a design unique and exclusive to me, with that touch off Luxury.

So let's get started....

Here's everything I used:

- D C Fix 'Original Marmi' Self- adhesive film

- D C Fix 'Hammered Copper' Self- adhesive film

- Application Kit

- Light Sandpaper or Sanding Block

- Scissors- Pen/Pencil

- Ruler

- Cloth

- Screw driver

- Hexagonal Wooden Box (I purchased these and other boxes from The Works) 1. As you can see each wooden box has several hinges that help to open, close and keep the lid secure to the base of the box. Using the screw driver, start unscrewing the hardware, removing the screws and hinges. Make sure they are all put in a safe place to avoid missing parts.