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Cult Furniture - Hexagonal Concrete Storage Jar
Hexagonal Concrete Storage Jar

I absolutely loved turning bland hexagonal wooden boxes (and other shapes...) into these unique two tone 'trinket' boxes.

There are various Marble and Copper Boxes avaiable in all different shapes and sizes including the one featured above from 'Cult Furniture'.

I wanted something to match my Chest of Drawers that I have made over (I'll be sharing how i did this also). Still keeping with the same Marble and Copper theme from 'The Work Lamp' which is featured in the next installment of this blog series, I wanted a design unique and exclusive to me, with that touch off Luxury.

So let's get started....

Here's everything I used:

- D C Fix 'Original Marmi' Self- adhesive film

- D C Fix 'Hammered Copper' Self- adhesive film

- Application Kit

- Light Sandpaper or Sanding Block

- Scissors- Pen/Pencil

- Ruler

- Cloth

- Screw driver

- Hexagonal Wooden Box (I purchased these and other boxes from The Works) 1. As you can see each wooden box has several hinges that help to open, close and keep the lid secure to the base of the box. Using the screw driver, start unscrewing the hardware, removing the screws and hinges. Make sure they are all put in a safe place to avoid missing parts.

The Works - Hexagonal Box, Oval Box, Rectangular Box
Wooden Boxes in different shapes

2. Grab your sanding block or sheet and lighlty sand each side of the box and lid to a smooth finish. Paying special attention to the corner/ edges, sand them to a sharper finish, for the film to wrap around more easier and for a neater finish.

3. Get your cloth (a tack cloth is best) and wipe over your box(es), making sure they are free of any dust.

Wooden boxes from The Works
All hinges unscrewed

Now the boxes are ready to be dressed in Marble and Copper, but first...

4. Unroll the Marble Film out on your work surface, place the lid face down ontop of the film.With your measuring tape, starting on one corner of the hexagon shape measure around to the next corner. Take that measurement and halve it. Mark the halfway spot on the lid (this is Mark A), then use the same measurement to mark the exact opposite side of the lid (This is Mark B).

5. While holding it firmly down take your pen and trace around the lid but make sure you only trace from Mark A to Mark B, leaving a gap. Lift off the lid and using your ruler draw a straight line from point A to point B, so that you end up with half of a hexagon traced out. Like this...

Heaxagonal tracing
Trace from Mark A to B

6. Using the measuring tape again, measure from Mark A, all the way around the lid right back to where you started and then the height of the box lid. Make a mental note of both or you can quickly jot it down. Do the same for the base of the box.

7. Take your ruler and draw out the strips of film, according to the measurements taken in Step 6.

8. Lets pick up the lid again and placing the marble film to one side, pick up the 'Hammered Copper' film and unroll a small amount. Placing the lid face down onto the film again, trace half of the hexagon shape out onto the backing, not forgetting to draw the connecting line.

10. Time to get out those scissors and get to cutting the shapes out....

You should end up with Two halves of a hexagon; x1 Marble, x1 Hammered Copper, Two long strips of different widths; x1 Marble for the base of the box, x1 Hammered Copper for the lid all cut out and ready to be applied.

Marble Film Adhesive
Marble Cut outs

Here comes my first favourite part (Yes, I have more than one!)

11. Starting with the lid, grab either half of the hexagon and lift a small amount of backing from the corner. - Please make sure the marble side is facing upwards and the lid is also face up, towards you.

Checking the placement of film

12. Using your 'smoother' from your application kit (or a credit card), smooth down the exposed film from the corner onto the lid.

13. Before applying the film fully, now is the perfect opportunity to check that the film fits correctly over half of the lid. Now is your chance to reposition if you find its not going to fit the way you want. - During application you may experience air bubbles int he film, to prevent this you must guide your 'smoother with one hand whilst lifting the film from underneath (in a gliding motion) with the other hand. This decreases the chances of the film from having air trapped under. If you do get any, you may lift the film to re- apply or find a tiny pin and pierce holes in them to release the air, smooth over again to rid of any air left. 14.. As you lift the backing, guide the 'smoother' over the expose film, keeping it taut to the surface.

15. Next, get the Hammered Copper Heaxagonal half cut out and follow steps 11-13, ensuring both halves are butting up, leaving no gaps or overlapping.

16. Now that both halves are applied it should look like this....

17. Get hold of your precision knife, make an incision into the overlapping film and glide the knife alongside the edge of the lid, removing the excess film.

-This process is to neaten the edge and give it a cleaner look. Once you have finished this step it should look something like this.....

18. With the 'Hammered Copper' strip, start by lifting the backing slightly and adhere to the side of the lid. -Its best to start adhering from the back where the two hinges are, so that it doesn't show when on display. 19. Again make sure the strip will cover the side of the lid properly. Ensuring the edge will have full coverage, start to peel back and smooth the film as you go. Smooth down 'taut' especially around the corners, all the way back to where the strip began.

20. Repeat Step 17.

Clean up the edges

- Your Lid should now be fully covered....

Box Lid fully covered

21. Moving onto the base of the box, take your Marble film strip cut- out and follow Steps 11- 14.

22. Now grab your precision knife again and follow Step 17 making sure both the top and bottom have a smooth clean finish.

Optional Steps

23. If you want a more finished look throughout, measure the width of the base' top edge and cut 6 strips each with the same length. Each strip should be able to cover each corner to corner and you can repeat the same for the bottom edge of the lid also. 24. If you want to go a step further and cover the inside of the box and lid, measure the interior to get precise cut outs of the film and follow the application tips above. ` - I decided not to cover the insides of my boxes for now but when I do I'll make sure to share an update blog on it..😉 I think they make perfect boxes to store items like Make- up, Jewellery, Keys etc.

Here are pictures of the Marble and Hammered Copper Box inc. other trinket/storage wooden boxes I DIY'ed...