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Cult Furniture - Indra Table Lamp, White Marble Base, Copper
Indra Table Lamp, White Marble Base, Copper

So I have a JANSJÖ LED work lamp from IKEA in Copper , I bought this ages ago before i knew of my deep love for this precious metal (unfortunately it is currently only available in Black and white in the UK).

The lamp pictured above (From 'Cult Furniture') is stunning but I felt it gave off more of a retro feel, so I thought I would transform my old lamp into a new and exciting luxe version. Here it is in it's original state, sitting upon the IKEA Malm Dresser, which I cannot wait to share its make over in a later installment in this blog series....

Ikea Copper work lamp
JansJo LED Work Lamp

Here is everything I used:

- Work Lamp- Sugar Soap and Microfibre Cloth

- Contact paper Application Kit (I purchased mine from Wilko)

- D-C Fix Self Adhesive 'Original Marmi' Film

- Scissors (not pictured)

- Screw driver (not pictured)