DIY: Ep 1. Faux Fur Gold tipped Stool

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

After being consulted by my pre-teen daughter about her room decor, I thought it was time to take it from

'Fairies & Butterflies' to ' Faux Fur & Velvet' Decor!

She came with her own ideas, all written out like a well- prepared, mini Interior Designer.

I was wondering why she wanted to borrow my measuring tape and clipboard...Lets just say she wanted to be taken seriously. haha!

Once I understood her ideas for the look she wanted, next it was to start looking at

furniture and fabrics.

First up on the list was a 'Chic Faux Fur Stool'....

Now every time I go to search for something that I already envision the design for, it almost never exists and I end up having to settle for something that isn't exactly as pleasing to my eye as it would of been, if I had actually designed it myself.

So as you can guess, after scouring the internet and popping into a few furniture shops,

A light bulb moment occurred!


With resourceful tools such as Youtube, Interior Design Publications and Pinterest I was able to gain more inspiration.

I had a whole design mapped out by the end of the day ready to get started on the first project.

Below, you'll find the step by step guide on How- to DIY your own Faux Fur Stool and the same principles go for any fabric you want to use.

Also check out how mine turned out at the end !!!

Materials and Equipment

- Stool ( You can use one you have already or purchase an affordable stool that you don't mind redesigning)

- Upholstery Stapler (with Upholstery Staples)

- Foam ( You can use any thickness, I used 1 1/2" thick)

- Cotton Wadding ( You will need half a metre at minimum)

- Any Fabric to cover stool. Make sure the fabric is strong enough to withstand wear from sitting. (Depending on the size of stool, I used approx. 20" x 20")

- Spray Adhesive for Fabric ( I used Crafter's Companion Stick & Spray )

- Hot Glue Gun ( I own this one )

- Fabric Scissors

- Precision knife or Electric knife to cut the foam

- Masking Tape

- Screwdriver

- Wrench

- Face Mask

- A well- ventilated and large enough area, preferably outside as spray paint can get on anything if not careful when using, trust me I've had first hand experience of this... cue my lightly gold shimmered printer, but I digress....


- Spray Paint ( I used Rust- Oleum Universal Metallic Gold Spray )

- Surface Primer ( I used Rust- Oleum Surface Primer )

- Covering fabric to place underneath the seat, for a cleaner finish.

Step by Step Guide

1. If you have a stool already that you are up-cycling, firstly take out all the screws.

Bought a stool? Take the legs and seat out of all it's packaging.

This next part is optional, if you want to spray paint tips onto the legs of your stool.

You can use stencils to paint a unique pattern onto them, or even spray paint legs wholly.

Let your creative side run wild and your personality shine through your project.

2. Lay out the legs on cardboard (I carefully took apart and unfolded a large box, laid it flat to cover my work surface) Leave the seat aside for the moment.

3. Take your Masking tape and wrap it around one leg first continuously from the top, covering it all the way down to the height you would like the spray paint to stop at.

(I didn't get to take pictures of how I done mine but I hope you get the idea!)

Step back and take look to make sure the tip is at the right height for what you want.

Now measure the exposed part of the leg and tape the other legs down, to the same height.

4. Get your face mask out, pop it on and grab your Surface Primer Spray.

Start spraying the exposed tip of each leg with the primer.

5. Pick up each leg turn it round to the part you didn't get to spray and carefully lean them on the wall. Spray the parts you did not get at first.

6. Leave the legs to dry outside for 2 hrs minimum.

7. While you wait for the legs to dry, take the foam and lay it out. Place the seat on top of the foam and trace the shape with a pen leaving a 1/2" space going around. (This is to provide cushion around the sides of the seat, it will not show through the fabric as it will be stapled taut.)

8. Remove the seat and using your precision or electric knife cut out the shape you have traced on the foam.

9. Clear away the excess foam and place the cotton wadding under the foam pad. Cut around the foam shape leaving enough wadding to wrap right around to the underneath of the seat.

10. It's time to heat up that hot glue gun! Clear your work space, place your seat down and get your foam ready to secure it.

Let's get hot gluing!

11. Hot glue the foam to the seat by gluing in a zig zag motion, for it to spread equally when placed down.

Smooth the foam down onto the seat and let the glue dry for a couple of mins.

12. Spray the foam with adhesive and drape the Cotton Wadding over the foam- padded seat, applying light pressure, smoothing it out making sure it lays flat.

Turn it over on the other side and leave it to come back to.

13. Now for the exciting part, grab hold of your Colour spray paint (In my case, Gold) and head back to the stool legs. Start spray painting the tips of the legs, over the dried primer.

14. After you have finished spraying the legs' tips entirely, leave them to dry.

15. Head back over to the seat and with your Upholstery Stapler, start to take the edges of the wadding, pulling it taut under the seat edge, staple to the bottom of the seat. Do this all the way round the seat, ensuring you pull it tight enough for the foam to cushion the edge of the seat.

16. This part is optional but if you wanted to add a cleaner look to the underside of your stool, you can add a covering fabric large enough to overlap the wadding edge, (pictured below).

Staple the cover all the way round and create a hole in the fabric for each screw to pass through.

17. It's time for the crowning of your throne..... take out your Faux Fur or the fabric of your choosing and lay it down flat, with the wrong side facing up.

Now I have a confession to make... I couldn't find the right texture Faux Fur I was looking for, I remembered I had a Gilet stored away somewhere in my wardrobe and it was a maybe on the re-wearable scale.

You probably guessed it by now....

Yes! I used my Faux Fur Gilet, all in the name of #Upcycling !

Well now that I got that off my chest, on with the project....

18. After laying down your fabric down flat, with the wrong side facing up, place the top of your seat faced down on your fabric. Make sure the seat is centered, leaving enough fabric to wrap around to the underside of the stool, to then be stapled

19. Once you have the seat centered on your fabric, armed with your Upholstery Stapler, staple the Faux Fur/ Fabric onto the back of the seat, overlaying the cover fabric staples.

TIP #1: Fold the edges of the fabric in about 1/2 inch to prevent fraying and to add a cleaner look

when stapling down.

TIP #2: If your stool has corners, to get a smooth finish take a look at this quick video for guidance on the technique.

20. You should now have a fully covered stool!

Now, to get those legs screwed on...

21. Make sure your stool legs are dry, peel off all the masking tape and get your screws to put together your stool. Time to put some elbow grease into it and screw in the legs, using the wrench to tighten any washers.

22. Once you've made sure everything is tightened up with those #DIY tools, it's time for the big reveal of your very own masterpiece.......

Here's how mine turned out....

Reflecting back on this DIY project, here's a few things I would have done differently:

~The stool legs could have done with another coat of spray paint, to give the Gold more prominence.

~ I definitely would have covered the whole of each leg with masking tape (as I advised on this blog) instead of just a couple of strips above the paint line. As you can see, mine had a splash back effect above where my masking tape stopped on each leg. I will be going back to correct it with my Black Gloss Spray Paint.

~ I may have chosen to use a thicker foam for the seat pad, if I was to redo this project.

This was an enjoyable project to complete and I hope it will be just as enjoyable for you too!

With #Easter coming up this could be a project you do as a family, from a day trip out fabric shopping to redesigning a piece of furniture for all of you to be proud of.

#Challenge yourself and your family to up-cycle/reupholster a chair or stool in your home.

I would love to hear how yours went, so please feel free to leave comments and post photos of your own DIY Masterpiece.

Thanks for reading!

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