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5 DIY's to give your room that look of Luxe!

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

It's another New Year and my bedroom is screaming for an uplift and a DIY blog was long overdue.... so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and share how I transformed my room with a lick of paint, 2 Rolls of Contact Paper, Velvet Fabric and some supplies I had already. The images above influenced the look that appeals to a Luxe aesthetic, which is what I was going for. As Marble and Brass/Copper furniture and accents are of High quality the price range can make you want to cry for example this 1st Dibs - Mid Century Modern Vatnafjoll Chest of Drawers is nearly $2000 *chokes on drink* ... but it isn't shocking as it is superbly built with a high quality finish and brushed copper hardware.

However it may not be in budget for many of us, so this is where the DIY projects came about. Besides I wanted less rustic, more Luxuriant and its more satisfactory when you can take old furniture and redesign it into something unique to you, giving it a whole new appearance.

Now that I'm done exposing the fact I have a way, way, way more expensive taste than what my pocket can handle, I'm ready to share what else contributed to my Grand DIY Project.

Let us digress...

Below is my Mood Board that I used for inspiration, I wanted to contrast the colour theme with Moody Slate Grey, Sumptuous 'Sulking Room' Pink and to accent with textures such as Marble and Hammered Copper.


So let me get on with the first project.... click on Part 1 for the 1st DIY!

P.S I know the titles says 5 DIY's and there are only 4 images above.... The 5th will be a surprise bonus blog involving Paint, so look out for it!

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